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Graduate University of Zürich Area of specialty: Deep Pattern Structures, Conciousness and the Articulation of the Possible. Founder of Imaginary Foundation, 1973.

Eno on creativity


This is a photo of the "Dream-In" launch ceremony of The Imaginary Foundation on April 17, 1973. As a group, we lay down and all visualised the same thought: "Our minds are omnidirectional. Understanding our interconnectedness releases us from our limitations and makes us part of the greater totality." It was quite an event! I remember, at the after-party, we played the newly released "Dark Side of the Moon," and Roger Waters, still ecstatic from a show he had just played in Earl’s Court, London, had brought a 16mm copy of The Wizard of Oz as visual accompaniment. Alas, the film melted in the projector! Rather a let-down, I must say. But, to my delight, the night was salvaged by Bucky Fuller’s wife, Anne, making scrumptious "Omni-Triangulated Omelets" for all the attendees.

Imaginary Wave Power Experiment

Twenty-nine years ago, we carried out a feasibility study on an experimental wave power technology. It turned out to be so expensive that it wasn’t competitive with other power sources at the time. Sadly, the project was shelved. To this day, however, the epic roar of that wave crashing still echoes with joyous passion in my mind.