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The Six Habits of Highly Empathic People

Empathy is one of the most valuable applications of our imagination: the ability to imagine what it’s like to be someone else. Cultural historian Roman Krznaric gives a great talk on the art of empathy:

Six Habits of Highly Empathic People:
1) cultivate curiosity about strangers
2) challenge prejudices and discover commonalities
3) get into the “extreme sport” of experiential empathy
4) practice the art of conversation (listen and share)
5) inspire mass action and social change
6) develop an ambitious imagination (extend empathy not just to the downtrodden)

Art in the Era of the Internet | Off Book | PBS

The internet has intensified connections between people across the planet. As traditional funding models are dissolving, new forms of expressing ownership have arisen to accomodate for remix culture, and artists are finding ways to connect physical art experiences and traditions to the internet. In the digital era, the experience of art from the perspective of the artist and the art audience is shifting rapidly, and bringing more people into the creative process.

Another awesome curatorial pick by checkout her fantastically consistent blog Brainpickings

Stay Curious

In the first of a new TED-Ed series designed to catalyze curiosity, TED Curator Chris Anderson shares his boyhood obsession with quirky questions that seem to have no answers.