Monthly Archives: July 2011

Daniel Tammet super brain

Daniel Tammet  has linguistic, numerical and visual synesthesia — meaning that his perception of words, numbers and colors are woven together into a new way of perceiving and understanding the world. The author of "Born on a Blue Day," Tammet shares his art and his passion for languages in this glimpse into his beautiful mind.


In a similar vein as the movie Pi, this short film "One" beautifully speculates on the use of mathematics to unlock the secrets of the Torah.


Through The Wormhole – Can we live forever?

“Can We Live Forever?” — Through the Worm Hole Season 2, narrated by Morgan Freeman featuring Michio Kaku,  Thermodynamics; Greg Fahey, Cryogenic Preservation; Aubrey de Grey, Forever Young; Frank Tipler, The Omega Point.

M̦bius Cake

Windell Oskay made this 8-pound cake with a 3D printer called a CandyFab 4000: The shape is a 3/4 twist mobius strip with a square cross section and windows cut at regular intervals in all of the sides the side. Even though it’s hollow, it still weighs seven pounds and fourteen ounces.