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Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode is a South African artist who creates beautiful street art by transforming simple shapes and objects into elements of narratives. Hailed by some as the "next Basquiat" Rhode’s work is as playful as it is captivating.

Desktop Diaries: Michio Kaku

Many of us spend more time at our desks than anywhere else. Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku takes us on a tour of his office, where he writes his bestsellers and records his radio shows. The futuristic 1950s TV show Flash Gordon jump-started his interest in science. Watching it as a kid, Kaku realized that it was the problem-solving scientist, not the chiseled crimefighter Flash, who was really the hero.

Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination

Entrepreneur Jay Walker has used some of the fortune he made from developing to build a "library of the human imagination" in his home. Among countless awe-inspiring artifacts are the Sputnik space satellite, an original copy of the first illustrated history book, a globe of the moon signed by nine of the astronauts who stepped foot on it, and an Edison phonograph.

Via Wired:

In a conscious nod to M. C. Escher (whose graphics are echoed in the wood tiling), the labyrinthine platforms seem to float in space, an illusion amplified by the glass-paneled bridges connecting the platforms. Walker commissioned decorative etched glass, dynamic lighting, and even a custom soundtrack that sets the tone for the cerebral adventures hidden in this cabinet of curiosities.


What excites him even more is using his treasures to make mind-expanding connections. He loves juxtapositions, like placing a 16th-century map that combines experience and guesswork—"the first one showing North and South America," he says—next to a modern map carried by astronauts to the moon. "If this is what can happen in 500 years, nothing is impossible."