Monthly Archives: January 2011


Seaquence is a delightful fundraising campaign from Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Donate $2 or more and you’ll be able to compose an electronic symphony out of musical plankton. You can listen to and interact with others’ compositions for free.

(Tip: Try clicking on a creature in one of the compositions and editing its audio-genetic sequence.)

Now that scientists have discovered how to create synthetic life from scratch, is it too far fetched to imagine future generations of youngsters programming real life creatures in their fish tanks?


A friend of The Imaginary Foundation just reported back from the Sundance Film Festival, where people are buzzing about Tiffany Shlain’s highly anticipated documentary about technology and interdependence, Connected.

Sadly, there are no screenings planned anywhere near Switzerland, so we’ll just have to wait for the DVD to be released this spring.

Noosphere and Transpersonal Interconnection

Philosopher, systemics researcher, pianist Ervin László on the noosphere according to Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky, and oneness at a transpersonal level which would be provided by a 5th physical field. From a talk with philosopher, Kabbalist, bio-cyberneticist Rav Michael Laitman, 12.2002.