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This mind-bending fly-thru animation by Jonathan Zawada, with music by the Avalanches, was created for the 2007 Neverland music festival.

New Study Shows Meditation Increases Attention Span

A new study by psychologists at University of California, Davis has found that Buddhist meditation can improve a person’s ability to be attentive and helps people do better at focusing for a long time on a task that requires them to distinguish small differences between things they see.

Happy Birthday Marshall McLuhan

“Art at its most significant is a Distant

Early Warning System that can always

be  relied on to tell the old culture what

is beginning to happen to it.”

“Ads are the cave art of the 20th century."

“It is the framework which changes with

each new technology, and not just the

picture within the frame."

“The next medium…will transform television

into an art form, and will create the world in

the image of a global village."

“Most of our assumptions have outlived their