Monthly Archives: May 2010

playing jazz with the universe

Turning Into Gods is a new feature length documentary by Current TV host Jason Silva which "tells the story of our ultimate potential, the reach of our intelligence, the scope of our scientific and engineering abilities, and the transcendent quality of our heroic and noble calling." Power to the imagination!

concept car breaths in C02, exhales oxygen

The YeZ, made by Chinese auto company SAIC Motor, is a vehicle that behaves like a plant, photosynthesizing carbon dioxide from the air and exchanging oxygen back into the atmosphere. YeZ uses photoelectric conversion from solar panels on the roof, wind power conversion via small wind turbines in the wheels, and carbon dioxide absorption and conversion through the bodywork.

Micro sculptures

Willard Wigan is the creator of the world’s smallest sculptures, often taking months to complete one, working between heartbeats to avoid hand tremors. Many pieces created by Willard are virtually invisible to the naked eye yet, when viewed through high power magnification, the effect on the viewer is truly mesmerising.

First step toward quantum computer

Scientists have created the world’s smallest electronic switch, measuring just seven atoms. The transistor, measuring four-billionths of a meter and embedded in a single silicone crystal, is the first step in a "quantum computer" which will make calculations millions of times faster than existing devices. A spokesperson for the team said commercial applications for the technology are about five years away.