Artwork Sells Itself on eBay

Artist Caleb Larsen’s radically thought-provoking A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009) is an extraordinarily profound multimedia work that questions the relationship of media, culture, technology and commerce. Although Minimalist in form, its content is complex and interactive. Within the black acrylic cube lives a device that allows the box to perpetually attempt to sell itself on eBay. Every 7 days, the box begins a new auction and monitors the bidding progress of each auction. Larsen’s experience with scripting programs and open-source codes is vital to the success of the work, as it continues to independently sell itself online. The artist’s stringent purchase agreement for bidders (listed on the eBay page) provides a structure that protects the box’s ownership rights, but can also lead to great profit for both the "collector" and the artist.