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As we begin to step off ancestral earth and yearn for wonders throughout the starlit blackness of the Cosoms, space art directs our focus toward the final frontier, where human destiny inevitably lies.

Be full of PASSION

Cornel West is a philosopher, author and the University Professor at Princeton University. Here he talks about how great musicians—like Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan—understand life in all its bristling glory. He urges us to find our passion, never leave it, and become a prisoner to the hope that it matters.

The fleeting symmetry of James Hopkins

British artist James Hopkins‘ sophisticated visual illusions are an engaging meditation on the emotional fallout of fundamental instabilities.

In my dream there were three different doors, 2006
Three wooden doors and gloss paint, 195 x 195 x 255 cm

Forwards & Reverse, 2005
Backwards clock and mirror, 30 x 55 x 5 cm

Impossible World, 2002
Wooden stool, 65 x 30 x 30 cm